Dev Blog
Mission Statement


Better Game Play:

At MMO Magic we are pushing the art of game design to the extreme. We believe that it is no longer sufficient to just offer a massive multi-player environment. The game play must not only grab the player and take them on a roller coaster ride, but keep changing to continually amuse, awe, engage and delight players, so that they want to stay in this world and keep coming back.


Living Worlds:

The static worlds of past MMO games... are dead. Truthfully they always were, but the novelty of a massive multi-player environment was enough, but no more. We believe that MMO worlds have to live... time must move forward. Player Characters and NPCs must both live their lives in this world with each player getting a new and different experience from any other player.


Listening to the Community:

The MMO Community has spoken, loudly and often about wanting better game play, and we have listened. Thousands of emails and forum posts that have been directed our way, and we have read and replied to virtually every one. More importantly we are committed to listening to the voices of players and giving them what they deserve; better games designed to entertain and deliver the kind of experience they have wished for every time they load up a new game. We hear you and we’ve taken your wishes into account in our game design.


Pushing the Envelope:

We believe in breaking the mold, and we do so on a daily basis. We are dedicated to bringing a new experience to players, and we sweat, toil and test every new idea until it is proven before bringing it to the players... but they WILL experience new things in our games; we push the envelope to bring you new MMO magic.