Citadel of Sorcery
In Development
Citadel of Sorcery


Citadel of Sorcery (CoS) is the fantasy based massive multi-player role playing game we are currently developing. CoS follows the goals of our company and therefore pushes the envelope of game design into new and exciting areas. We are taking the realm of MMORPG games where it has never gone before... into a living, breathing world of change and epic story.

Expect the unexpected when you play CoS, every day is a new day as the world changes and moves forward through time. Your character's life will not follow the same path as any other player. This ground breaking game changes... everything. It breathes life into the MMO genre, getting away from static clones that have become the standard fare. For computer gamers who are tired of killing the same monster over and over and over… enter a world where no monster pops back into existence, where enemies have their own agendas, where things you do now matter in the future. For you movie and book lovers who crave a story that moves forward with you as a major character in that plot, expect a depth of story unprecedented in MMO games, that is not just a back story but a continuing story that moves you to an epic climax.

Your life, your decisions, your actions, your choices, all constantly change your path and color your future as time moves forward in this changing world. Join adventures of real depth and quality, in a world that lives... a world so large you will NEVER see everything there is to see, or experience everything there is to do. A game based on better and more content, and never on repetition.

CoS is a world where you carve out your own adventure and story while you live in a world of magic and wonder that does not use grinds and time sinks in place of fun game play and grand adventure.

Our team has worked for years to develop this concept and is still working diligently to bring this world to life as soon as possible, but it is a huge undertaking. You can follow our progress on the Dev Blog page as we continue to work on CoS.