Citadel of Sorcery
In Development


MMO Magic is currently working on Citadel of Sorcery, but there are other titles in the wings as our concept team works on new ideas.

Here are three quick concept blurbs from several of our front runners for future projects:

One is a futuristic game based in space as you own your own solar system. You build up your infrastructure, protections, cities, industry, mining, shipping trade, etc. You protect your space with automated defense satellites and platforms, as well as ships. You can trade with other players, explore the Galaxy, battle with other kingdoms, build and fly your own ships. Go to war, form alliances, and generally gallivant around a Galaxy without limits.





The next is a multi-Universe game that is as much about building your own world as it is visiting others. Each world has its own reality; one might be fantasy, another western, another science fiction. Your Avatar can go to any Universe it wants, or you can create your own Universe with the included game building tools and allow other players to visit a world where you run everything.






The next is a post apocalyptic game where earth has gone crazy after much of the world was destroyed. The Day of Judgment came, and most of the ‘good’ folk left. A few choose to stay on earth with those that were abandoned. But after the Day of Judgment hell came to Earth, demons run amok, magic is now real, and the laws of physics are more of a guideline than a rule. This is a game about those left behind in a mad world where there is only one rule, the strong survive.