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Modifications to the Trident3D engine begin

January 16, 2005

   Now that we have decided to create an MMORPG for our next project, our first order of business was to make a plan on how to create our as yet un-named MMORPG. Should we purchase an existing engine for the game, or build our own from scratch? After looking at what was available, and what we needed for a cutting edge game, we quickly realized we would need a custom engine. In the end we went with both ideas. We licensed an existing engine that allowed us to modify the source code and customize it for our use.

The Trident3D engine has worked out well in our plans.

The original form of the engine was actually started several years previously. It was then improved for two years (2002-2004) and used on several 3D programs (not games). With some additional work it was soon ready to start rendering our MMORPG world.


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