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Work on the game continues to progress

August 2, 2010

   Just a short update this time.

The CoS team continues to grow, we have added several new people to the team over the past couple months including an additional programmer, two new artists and two new level designers and two new interns (one Writer, one Composer).

In programming progress also continues on the new terrain system, and is coming in leaps and bounds. The planet wide continents are up and we got a chance to take a look at the average rain fall maps, sunlight maps (based off of slope, latitude, planet axial tilt, etc.), slope maps, lighting maps and UV maps. All these work together to help us have a planet that works correctly for weather, diverse environments and seasons. Next phase is the land erosion system for wind and water.

The Enact world building tool set has had some new features and bug fixes added in the A.I. net tool.

Design is working on expanding the Fey, which are races of magical creatures that were created from the remnants of the Dead Gods, and have evolved over time into their own societies.

We are also working diligently on the 1,800 planed Ability choices for players. We have over 1,000 now, but there is still a lot of work to go. This is still phase three of the Abilities design, but we hope to have the entire list of Abilities finished soon and then Phase four will begin (the math and balancing behind the Abilities).

Art is working across the board on every element of the game, and we have started increasing the size of the art team as art becomes more prominent at this planned stage of the games development.

Level Design is currently working on the A.I. net and making use of the new tools in Enact as they arrive from programming.

There has been a little time spent on the web site development (though this is not one of our priorities). We have considered adding Forums for some time, but are still not quite ready to put them up live, though we have them ready to go. We'll make a choice on when to launch the Forums in the near future.

That is it for now, but speed is increasing in development the further we get along. Thanks for your patience.


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