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Game Design Guide started

May 4, 2005

   Up until this point the game design was simply notes from meetings and other discussions. However, it is now time to get started on the actual Game Design document so that everyone is on the same page and because a game of this size can take a long time to design correctly.

In fact, most developers do not spend enough time on the initial design of the game. This leads to poor designs and missing deadlines.

In order to make CoS the best game possible, we have decided to spend a long time on the design prior to going to a publisher. We also decided to create all the risky elements, also prior to presenting the game to a publisher. The idea is simple, now we get the best game design, and we remove the main risks to the Publisher's investment. They get to see what they get prior to risking their capitol. This means we are footing the initial game development costs internally.

Now, it is true that a Design Guide is never finished, but we plan to spend a full year just on the initial document. We're doing this to make sure we have designed th best MMORPG game possible for the players. The work on that Design Guide begins today and will continue for the next year... and beyond.


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