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April 2013 Progress on Citadel of Sorcery

April 9, 2013

   The first quarter of 2013 is over, and E3 is looming on the horizon. Our current focus is our new E3 playable demo, and all effort by the team is toward that goal. We have spoken with a few publishers at the last couple E3 shows, but in those cases it was more testing the water than an all out demonstration of the game with the intent to sign a deal. Even so we found some interest, but now we are getting to the point where we can show a lot of our unique game play and the new technology that is behind Citadel of Sorcery.

And so we are trying to button up various parts of the game, integrate various systems, and test out everything to make sure it is ready to demonstrate.

Our Engineers have been re-tasked (in some cases) to demo related work. This means, for example, that the modular construction tool is on hold, while we have the game user interface taken toward more of the release version. Previously we have had a lot of placeholder and temp U.I., but we want the demo to show the real U.I. Some of our tools have been getting a face lift as well, to get them up to speed with the latest version of the T3D engine. We have also been speeding up and further integrating our hybrid voxel/polygon terrain system into the game Editor, getting further away from using the old straight polygon terrain system. Our dialog tool has been upgraded to version 2.0, which adds a lot of functionality to making NPCs talk to players about pertinent and topical elements. Simply put, with this system the NPC will not just have the same things to say to a player all the time, but instead take into account what they are up to, how they know the player, what the player or NPC has done recently, what they are planning to do soon, etc.

An example is if you stop an NPC they can tell you about what they were doing, or where they are headed, but as soon as they get there if you talk to them again, now they would talk about what they are doing at that location. Their conversations are not limited to a set of things that they always say, like most other games.

Our writers are still working on stories for the game, though some of them have moved over to working with Enact and helping with NPC conversations and other elements for the Demo of the game play.

Level Designers are also working heavily with the new Dialog 2.0 Enact tool set, adding the conversation options we need to our NPC population. They are also working with our new dungeon system, getting it ready for the demo. This involves creating a large variety of halls and room layouts for the system to use in the creation of dungeons, literally hundreds of different options when combined into different layouts will lead to thousands of different dungeons in the game.

They are hurrying to get this done because they are about to be moved over to working on the game play demo for E3.

In Art the work on the modular construction pieces continues. The first dungeon set was completed, and now they are working on a completely different dungeon set, this one far more grungy, broken, ancient and ruined. The first one was more of a recently built kind of motif. The Tower system is still under construction as well, though the interiors are about ready. The art team is now moving on to the various exterior looks for the tower sets. Our new Citadel Cathedral is well under way, though once completed we will be working on a version of it that has been destroyed by a massive fireball. This new ruin of the Enchantress Cathedral will replace the current placeholder version in Tier 1, and become the secret entrance to the underground Shadow League (which has already been completed).

So that is what we are working on right now. We should have a playable version of the game ready to demonstrate to potential publishers by E3, at which point we will start setting up appointments to show what Citadel of Sorcery can do, and more importantly, that it all works!

Please note, we do not expect to do full demonstrations at E3, but will use the show to start setting up demonstrations to take place soon after the show concludes. We have found that things are just too wild and hectic at E3. We feel the game will be better received if we travel to their company location and do a proper demonstration where there is not a lot of other distraction, and we get their full attention.

However, E3 is always a good place to start making some contacts to setup those demonstrations.

Over the past few months we have been showing a lot of the game development to our Patron Team members. These are players who have donated money toward the completion of the game through our own crowd funding system. Depending on their donations levels, they get a lot of things, like future access to the game at a much discounted rate, even lifetime subs in some cases. They also get access to inside information on the making of the game, which at higher levels includes videos of the game development, live webcasts about the game, with live views inside the game world. At the highest Patron Team level we give them access to live development briefings where we show them concept art, current modeling, design and in game demonstrations of progress on the game world.

But even if you do not have the money to get in on the in game rewards and inside development information as a Patron Team member, we encourage you to join our free official Forums, where we constantly answer questions and have discussions about the progress and design of Citadel of Sorcery.


See you there!


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