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MMORPG core team formed.

January 15, 2005

   It is time to decide on our next project. We had several design concepts presented. Of these possibilities we choose to develop an MMORPG idea that has some unique design elements.

The decision to go with the MMORPG concept was based on the fact that MMORPGs were popular, but that no other company had as yet created one that we felt was exciting and well designed for he player. This left us room to improve on what players had experienced in this genre. We also picked this project because we felt passionate about the proposed concept. We feel that this project can be a viable game that can bring in a large base of players who are all looking for an MMORPG that shows innovation and long term playability.

Simply put, we felt we could do a better MMORPG game than anything we had seen on the market.


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