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NPC subject system

November 24, 2005

   We decided to go with an NPC subject system rather than a tree system for PC to NPC communication. With our greater concentration on engaging quests, how you communicate with NPCs is important. With the subject system we're proposing players will not have to go back through the conversation tree several times to make sure they got all the information. Each subject you pick plays all the information about that subject, no branching. They will be written so that players feel it is a conversation going on, but there is no back and forth needed. Example: A player talks to an NPC, they have several subjects listed, one is "The old Mill." If the player chooses that the NPC says, "You want to know about the Old Mill, hey? Yes, I've heard that story about the ghost living there. No truth to it I tell you. All right, keep your shirt on, I'll tell you the old tale..." etc.


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