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New design for Tier 1 layout

September 22, 2007

   Now that Tier 1 is built, after wandering round the streets and buildings of the city we decided that such a complex city needed a better layout, so that players could easily find what they were looking for without constantly needing a map.

In order to accomplish this we decided to change a good portion of the Tier 1 city layout. Now you will enter through the main gates, go through a grand entry park and go straight into the inner city. The inner city is a very open and large area where you can easily see the five league structures and the palace out on the lake.

From the inner city it is easy to find the District you are seeking at the moment. There are gates in the inner city wall with the name of the District you would reach by using the gate. The Districts surround the inner city like spokes on a wheel with the inner city as the hub. The Districts are:

1) Tavern District: This is where you can find a common room to use the grouping board, or just hang out in one of the taverns looking for a group to join. Need a group member for an adventure? This is the place to come to find one.

2) Guild District: This is where playesr can start their own Guild and where they go to enter the guild premises. Guilds in CoS are more than a spreadsheet, they have an actual physical location. Guild members can hang out there and use the various guild facilities.

3) Carnival District: Players come here to amuse themselves with various entertainments while waiting for their friends to log into the game. Here they can find the bathhouse, fortune teller, dance hall, theaters, casino, races and pubs.

4) Municipal District: Here players can take a tour of the city, use the post office to send mail or items, access the library to start a quest, get summoned to the courthouse or visit or supply the museum with new artifacts.

5) Warehouse District: Players can use this district to store nearly unlimited amounts of treasure. They may also take part in real time auctions where they bid in person or by proxy.

6) Monastery District: This is where you visit the graveyard, or get resurrected or healed).

7) Arena District: Here you can challenge other players to do battle in the Coliseum, or bet on those battles.

8) Merchant District: Here you can go to actual shops and make deals with the store keeper, or sell them items. You can also craft items into bigger and better things.

9) League District: (Within the inner city) Here you can join a League and work on new abilities for your character. Or, visit the University to get information on what you want your character to become.


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