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Internship program started

April 17, 2008

   We have finally started our internship program. This program serves two purposes; we get some talented (but usually inexperienced) help in some areas of the game creation. More importantly, we help these hardworking souls to gain some experience, insight and game credits for working at a game company on an actual title.

We've recently started six Interns, but are still looking for a few more. We're particularly interested in artists as this is the area currently needing the most development and is where we have the least number of interns.

Please note that Interns can work from remote locations; the Internet brings us all together.

If you are a budding artist, and want to get some experience and credits working on a game, contact us at Info@citadelofsorcery.com. Of course, we may take new interns in programming or Level Design as well, but you would have to have some decent skills already as we have several people already working as Interns in those departments.


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