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Enact's new Story Tool

October 26, 2008

   As part of the game building tool, Enact: Phase 2, we have reworked the Story Building portion of the tool to handle recent changes to the Quest system.

The objective of Enact has always been to put powerful tools capable of making almost any quest concept into the game without requiring programming skills. Enact is a series of different tools with a GUI interface that runs inside the game for live editing of Quests and other aspects of the world.

In writing more quests for the game, we have reworked the Story tool set to handle the branching aspects of the quest system. The tool can now handle more types of player decisions and map these out in tree form to make translation of the text and flowcharts of the quest design into the actual quest built in the game.

Further testing of the new changes to Enact continue, and the Level Design Interns have been valuable in working with our team. They will continue to be one of the main testing sources for the new tool designs and later, function.


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