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March note

March 13, 2009

   A short update:

Not a lot of 'new' things to report, just a lot of work done on furthering existing elements such as:

Final touches on Enact Phase 1 (in game level building tool).

Testing and tweaks on the new game client update system.

More NPC character development.

Lots of design work on player Abilities.

100s of bug fixes to existing elements in game.

Level building continues to add dynamic objects.

New models pouring in, both static and dynamic.

Design tweaks here and there on the game.

We're going to be entering a period of development in the next few months where this will be the norm. Meaning, we have already finished much of the core functionality, and now we're just adding more and more using the existing tools. Of course this doesn't mean we won't post progress updates, otherwise people seem to get worried. Don't! Progress is continuous.


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